Balance Aikido

To injure an opponent is to injure yourself.

- O Sensei

During the Covid 19 pandemic we will be training with new safety measures in place.

-     Participants to wear facemasks at all times during training, unless they have a valid exemption.

-     Participants must book into sessions (at least 24h) in advance, this will restrict the number of people training at any one time. Mask exemption information must be included at this stage.

-     Mats to be laid out in a checkerboard effect with 1 person to each 2mx2m matted area. Participants will not be permitted to swap mat area during sessions. Current government and NGB guidelines will be adhered to.

-     Mats, weapons, and equipment to be sanitised before and after use.

-     Contact training will only take place in line with government guidelines and subject to NGB approval.

-     Participants should endeavour to avoid the changing rooms and arrive in training clothes where possible.

-     Any participant showing symptoms will not be permitted into the session and will be asked to self-isolate at home for 14 days and take a COVID-19 test.

-     Attendance to be recorded at each session to facilitate Track and Trace.

-     Hand sanitiser should  be made available to all participants during the session.

-     A one way system will be implemented during the session.

-     Spectators will not be permitted during the pandemic.

-     Consumption of food will not be permitted during the pandemic.

-     Additional masks, gloves and resuscitation face shield  will be available for first aider protection.

-     Every attempt should be made to reduce the volume in the training hall (i.e. no music playing) to minimise raising of voices.

-     Prepayment cards to be used where possible to minimise handling of cash.

-     Ventilation system in the training hall should be turned on to full to facilitate air flow.

-     Participants should handle their own mats.

-     Participants should train in their ‘bubble’ where possible (i.e. members of the same household have their mats beside each other).

Covid 19 Precautions